Thursday, May 12, 2011

A New Sunbonnet Sue

 Sunbonnet Sue seems to be my specialty.  I received a new order for 2 pillow shams that are copies of this wallhanging.  I made up this pattern and was just having fun with it and put it on Etsy. Now I'm copying it only sizing it a little smaller than what it now is.  And mirror imaging it also since I'm making 2.

I found most of the pattern pieces.  I'm glad I saved them even though I never planned on doing it again.  Especially Sue.  She would have been more difficult to do.
I gathered all my fabric.  I got the background quickly sewn together.  

 I then started cutting all the flower pieces.  These are going to be a fused applique.  I figured it would be better than needle turn because of the wear a pillow can get.

 I remembered that some of the flowers shapes came from cookie cutters.  Now I haven't made sugar cookies in a long time, so this box was in the back of a top cupboard.  I think when Eloise gets bigger, I'll be making those kinds of cookies more.

 Tracing around the cutter on my fused fabric.

 It is easier to take the fusable paper off all in one large piece, rather than off the individual papers.  But on these small heart flowers I had drawn the hearts on the paper because the fabric was so dark.  Then I pulled the paper off.  Then I had to stick the paper back on because I had lost my pattern.  Smart, wasn't I.

Well, I had just received my prize of Laura's book, and she explains her method which I'll be using in the future.  I also can't wait to get started on one of those projects.  When will I get the time.  I also want to do one of Lori Holt's quilts.  I love her new fabrics and her teacup and cakewalk quilts.  Oh, so much to do.
All in all, I got a good start on this new project.

Eloise is now enjoying playing with her toys.  She also likes peek-a-boo.  This picture was taken and sent to me yesterday morning.  I happened to check my email right after it was taken, so I had to run over to see her in person.  She's so much fun.

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