Friday, May 20, 2011

I'll Give You This Popsicle for the Sweater

That's what this young man told me when he posed for me with this sweater on.  It amazed me that Matt would like it so much he would want it. I told him it was for sale.  Right then his friend walked in with popsicle, so that's when the trade idea came up.

 This is a vest that is a Sirdar pattern.  I have really enjoyed knitting these patterns.  They are easy to read and you know they work well.  No funny things to them.

 The yarn is KnitPicks Comfy Sport which is a nice soft cotton.  Always great to use at a great price.

His sister thinks she was in every pic.  That's what she wanted.  But I managed to place her so I could just get Matt when I wanted.  But I did let Kaylee be in one pic.

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  1. Hi there.... just found your blog and have become a "FOLLOWER"
    hope to come back often.

  2. What a lovely compliment from your model.


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