Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mystery Block 4 or "How To Save Time"

I've started putting together the 4th month Mystery Block of Heart's Desire by Esther.  I had just finished some paper piecing in my Ode to the 30's block  which is very similar to what I was doing in this block.  Only in the basket I was doing it one time, not 8 times.  So I started doing it the same way as before drawing every piece out.  And then I read Esther's instructions.  What a dunce!  Of course.  Perforated the paper without thread on my machine and I have them done all at once.  So I finished it that way anyways.  Always read all your instructions before starting a project or a recipe.  You don't know how much better things might be for you.
Drawing them out.  Oh what a waste of time and effort
 Now I didn't use freezer paper, so I couldn't adhere the paper to the fabric. I sewed one seam to the paper to attach it and then did the fold back method the rest of the time.  I did use a pin here and there to hold the long strip straight.  Folding back does save a lot of time when it comes to removing the paper.  And you don't have to think of little bits in the seams.

The sewn seam next to the paper.
 It all came together well.

 And after a few hours over a couple of days, I was all done with them.

Next I made the corner squares, as I hadn't done them earlier.  I knew now exactly what fabrics I wanted to use on them.  I like the blue against the gold.

 All 4 of them now ready to applique.

I've been  tracing my applique shapes to my Floiriani.  I decided to trace onto the non-fusable side of the paper, and then realized everything would be backwards.  That might be okay, except I wanted to do it right, so I started tracing again, everything 4 times.  So why didn't I just trace once and put 4 layers on top of each other?  Maybe that wouldn't be so exacting.  Maybe I like to spend a lot of time cutting.
That is the point where I will leave you.  I won't be able to work more on this for a few days.  Plus I need to buy more green for my leaves.  I do have my stem and thorn fabric.
And this time I'm not making bias strips for stems.  I'm tracing the templattes for them.  I'll see how that goes.

I'm posting this on Esther's WOW blog.  She is a full 17 hours ahead of us.  That's almost a full day.  It's interesting to think she is having Wednesday while we (in the US) are almost a day behind.


  1. looking really good. I love blue and gold together, great choice!

  2. Way to go got them all done I just printed them out and diid them like I always paper piece. Stitched through the paper. First time tthough the printer printed them too small. Good thing I measured it before doing all of them. LOL.

  3. This technique looks great I will give it a try. Happy Stitching. Chris


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