Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Making of a Wholecloth Quilt Part 5

I have the quilt on my frame and am having lots of fun.  I've owned my machine less than 2 years, so I feel like practice is what I need and this is a way to get it.  It doesn't look as perfect as I'd like, but as I go on I can tell I'm gettin better.  The trapunto helps my machine to flow.  It seems to know where to go.

It's also going faster than I had thought.  I gave myself 2 weeks but it'll probably only take one.

If you like smocked dresses you can see what my twins are doing.

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  1. Love how you have done your Whole Cloth quilt. What sort of long arm do you have. I find it difficult at times as with my 820 I only have half the length of the space to sew on.


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