Friday, June 25, 2010

Evelyn's Quilt

Today was my day to take charge of  Bella Jean Boutique.  My girls were out at classes or babysitting, so I took advantage of a sewing machine that is always set up (mine I have to set up on my dining room table) and sewed on Evelyn's quilt.  This quilt has a lot of chain piecing.

I was glad when customers came in to give me a break.  I had the Fire Marshall who is helping us to have the correct extension cord , a fire extinquisher and address numbers on our building.  He did charge us to do this service.  I had a couple of people come pick up clothing  that the girls had sewn for them, another regular customer who has given us good stories of her life when her family lived at the Manhattan Project during WWII.  History is so interesting and it does affect us now.  Another asked about renting my long arm machine. I haven't ever done that.  I think even this lady would be better off hiring me, as she didn't seem very confident about what she wanted to do.   Having people drop in to our little shop does make the day very interesting.

As you can see, with all that, the quilt is moving along.  I think the yellow adds a nice touch.  The flowered fabric I bought years ago in Seaside Or at a little quilt shop.  I made a double wedding ring using it, and this is the leftover fabric. 

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