Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Making of a Wholecloth Part 4

Summer came to us today.  It might even last more than one day, which would be unusual so far this year.  Our friend Carla is having a garage sale in our parking lot.  It 's a great place for a garage sale, because we live on a busy road and have lots of room for parking.  We also like it because it brings people to Bella Jean Boutique, our store.
After helping her get all set up, I decided to lay this sheet on the ground and cut on my wholecloth quilt outside.  I do have to take advantage of the nice weather.
This is  a close up view of the cutwork. I am using a pair of surgical scissors that a woman in our guild receives from a surgeon she knows.  They work very well for this kind of thing. 
These are the scissors.  They cost me all of $2.
I'd better get back to work outside.  I want to enjoy the sun

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