Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Little Boy Blue Square

For the July summer picnic in my quilt guild, we are all bringing squares 12 1/2" that have blue in them. This is the first one I made and hopefully not the last. I like the card trick pattern and thought I'd do it in all blue. I did pretty good at matching points (especially for me) but it is not perfect, but I think it will work.This is the car organizer finished and photoed in my van. I think it'll work well.


  1. Great projects. I too love the card trick design and I think yours will be lovely, when your guild finishes this beautiful quilt. I hope you post a photo of it when it is finished.


  2. That car organizer looks a lot better now that it is done. I think the binding was a good choice. Those could make nice gifts for families who travel.

  3. Wow, the car organiser is so cool ! Did you use a pattern, a tutorial ?


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