Saturday, June 13, 2009

Charity Guild Quilt

Today was a very profitable day. My family went kyaking and I'm here at home minding the store and working on projects. This quilt is a charity quilt done for my quild. It's great because I take these quilts and do things on them I wouldn't do for customers. I am pretty new in the longarm world-less than a year- so I need quilts to try and practice. A close-up - diagonals are hard. I do have a pattern board and that makes it better. I should just keep practicing with that. Also the twirls on the black fabric kept skipping stitches. Is it the fabric. I haven't had that problem since I first got the machine and learned some things. But this kept happening on the black- only. I put basketballs and footballs in the 4-patches. That was pretty fun.
I'll show the rest of my day in other posts.

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