Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Little House in the Big Woods

This is about quilting.  Without my quilting income, this house would not have been built.  I am a longarm quilter and make extra money in this way.  This house is one of the ways that I spent this money.

This house was built by my husband and one of my sons.  It did take quite some time to get done as my son got married in the meantime and other things did take priority.
There are still a few things undone about it, but we did move in and it is now a nice place for the grandchildren and friends to play in.

Let's Take a peak inside!

What do we see?

 A kitchen with curtains.  The appliances were made by my father for my daughter about 25 years ago.  We refurbished them to make them nice for this playhouse.

  The little stand I got at a garage sale.

 Grandma, it's missing a tea cup!  Yes, we have lost some playthings while waiting for this house to get built.

 Checking out the refrigerator

 and the stove

 We keep bread in baskets.  Not on the floor.  This is training for my granddaughters.  Do their mothers put food on the floor?

Juliet is putting the banana back in the basket.  She is learning.

 Elosie is ironing her blanket.

This is the living room end of the house.

 It has a window seat.

 with a valance.

Juliet loves rocking her baby.

Outside you'll notice we have a driveway to park our cars in. 

I hope you enjoyed your visit.


  1. Oh my! I would have loved a playhouse like that! So would my daughter. You have very lucky grandaughters!

  2. I too would have so loved to have had a little playhouse like that-you made it just adorable! And complete with an iron and ironing board-love it!!!

  3. Totally adorable. Your granddaughters are sweet as can be. My uncle made my sister and I a playhouse when we were children. Yours brought back happy memories.

  4. I had a playhouse built for my daughters when they were about the age of these two little darlings. It wasn't outfitted quite as nice as yours, but my girls loved it and now my granddaughters play in it. And much in the same way as you, I had it built with money I earned from my at-home typing business.

  5. A beautiful setting, a wonderful little house and sweet little girls! Thanks for sharing your pictures.
    Kathy T. in Tampa

  6. Yes, this is so exciting! I'm glad Isabella and Violet get to visit lots!

  7. What a beautiful playhouse for the girls!! I would have loved something like this when I was little!


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