Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Aslan is on the Move!

It does look like Spring is coming and it's time to shed those fur coats.  Yes, this is Peter and Susan Pevensie and they are in Narnia.  Edmund and Lucy will be joining them soon.

Eloise is getting to know the story of Narnia.  She gets told and read different ones of them and I think she has watched some of the old BBC version of the stories also.
Clara doesn't really care about the doll.

Juliet loves to hug dolls.  They are her babies.

She likes to make faces also.

But if anyone has a grandchild that is excited about what they are making - before, during, and after- it is Eloise. Everytime she see's the dolls she's excited.  And she's excited about who they are.

I'm using several of the doll patterns by Jean Greenhowe to make my dolls.  Hers are the bodies, hair, etc. I am changing the clothing to be what I want.

 I made little white buttons on Susan's shirt.

 Peter is a great older brother. His hair is coming up in the front. Hmm...

 I put a tie on him.  Just like English boys had back then.  I'm using illustrations from the book to help me.

 Susan has braids and I like her variegated sweater.

 And I decided on curly bangs.

And then I had to make them fur coats.  I've made so many sweaters, that I was able to easily come up with a plan for these.

Now I'd love to make Aslan.  I haven't seen any good lion patterns for him.  I may have to make that up also.

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  1. Narnia is Isabella's favorite right now too. Actually it has been for about 6 months. She never gets tired of it. She really liked playing with Peter the other day.


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