Monday, June 30, 2014

On My Design Wall

This is a quilt that I'm making to give for charity for my quilt guild.  Packets of fabrics were made up and we each took one home to make a quilt with.  This is the packet I picked out.

 I added the light color to it to make stash more complete.

I worked out these designs on EQ.  I'm not a real genius with the program, so I used 2 designs to get what I want.  My idea came from a pinterest pin.

 And this is my design wall--oops!  floor that is.

 I thought I'd give you a tour of my studio.  The above pic was my design wall. Below is my sewing and ironing station.  My cutting station is on my dining room table.

I also have a playmobil station.  The granddaughters can play while I sew.


 This is design central. 

 And it's also a library.  If I get tired of sewing I can always start reading.  The granddaughters really like me to read to them and we have lots of their kind of books here.  We have one whole section of  Golden Books.

 Thank you for stopping by to visit.


  1. Those are lovely colors! And I like the design a lot.

  2. I love to re-create from pinterest pics too. and I love EQ. Your quilt looks lovely and it is a nice design. Whoever gets it will be very pleased.

  3. Love your studio! I had to come by and see your quilt of squares with a central strip. I started one for a Grandgirl wedding quilt, and changed my mind cause it seemed to dark for the purpose. Yours is lovely, and mine will get finished off - for a guy quilt, or for a charity quilt. I did enjoyed the making.


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