Thursday, July 17, 2014

Edmund and Lucy

These 2 dolls complete the set of the children that first went into Narnia.   They have been quite fun and a joy for my granddaughter.  Being 3, she is really using her imagination and we help her with telling the story of Narnia using these dolls.  It is quite fun.

 This is Edmund.  He is laying on the grass enjoying himself.  He realizes what a bind he got himself into with the witch and her lies.  He is now very thankful for Aslan.

 This is Lucy.  She is a very endearing person.  And loves her brother so much that she didn't want to lose him to the witch.  But she was in awe of Aslan also as he gave his life for her brother. Couldn't there be some other way?  No, there couldn't.  Someone had to die for Edmund's sin.

 A closeup of her face with the hair bow.

 And the buttons? on her dress.

All the Pevensie Children.  Waiting for Aslan to come.

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