Friday, December 7, 2012

Wintertime Home Mug Rugs

Whether you like real snow outside or not, pictures of cozy homes in the snow always look warm and inviting.  In the winter if I'm not dreaming of Hawaii, I'm dreaming of snow.  I don't have to dream about rain.  We have plenty of that.
These little mug rugs were some of the most fun to do.  You could sit down with your cup of coffee and a snack and enjoy these.

 The hardest part is coming up with the design plan and picking out the fabric.  I did use my House Quilt board on Pinterest to get a lot of my ideas. 

When it came time for the stitching, I got excited.  That's what turns a flat picture into something with character.

 I I almost forgot the snowman's arms.


  1. Your mug rugs are so sweet! Lovely applique. I also love your vintage seamstresses on your blog! Very pretty blog overall.

  2. So cute! I think the snowman's arms are great. You are coming with some marvelous ideas that I would love to make.

  3. Very cool! They make me smile :D


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