Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dion's Kite Quilt

Dion came over to my house yesterday so that I could hold him and give him his quilt.  Here are links to the older posts on this quilt - here and here.  

 I know the background quilting looks like waves, but you'll just have to pretend it looks like sky.

 And there is Dion checking it out.

 Here he is cuddled up during a little nap.


  1. I really like your blue sashing and the background material, plus the quilting obviously. I am making one of these as a charity quilt, just need to put it together. I may borrow some of your quilting ideas, but with less finesse!

  2. I knew as soon as I saw this quilt that you had quilted swirls of wind around each kite. Love it and I must admit, Dion is a pretty sweet guy too. Very lovely, Elaine. Kathi

  3. That is super cool. I love your quilting :)

  4. What a precious quilt for a precious little guy! Thanks for sharing.
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