Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Eloise's New Cozy Sweater

Eloise's mom saw a sweater in a store, took a picture of it and asked me if I could make it. The picture was a white sweater and she chose a burgundy color.

 I used a Knit-Picks yarn that is a washable wool.  That makes for easier care for a young mom.  It is also very soft.

 I think she had enough of the hood.

 I used a pattern that looked like the right style and worked out the detail of the design.  Instead of a stockinette stitch, I did 2 purl rows and the 2 knit rows and alternated the whole way.  It made it stretchier like a rib, so I blocked the back and saw it was too long, ripped out some of it and redid it according to the blocked size.

 I added these crocheted flowers.  They are a cute touch.


 Juliet is wearing a hand-me-down that I have made.  I wonder if she'll get any new sweater from me.

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  1. What an amazing sweater! And it looks so perfect on Eloise :)

  2. Yes, you're right Elaine. I really like this sweater. Of course, I like all your sweaters!!

  3. I love your models! And the sweaters too:)

  4. That is a gorgeous jacket. Well done Elaine!

    Go on, knit Juliet something of her own!

  5. What a beautiful sweater and precious models!! Thanks for sharing.
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