Friday, December 14, 2012

Flowers- Provence Tablerunner

Looking through my fabrics the other day, I came across this fabric that I bought in Provence this summer. We were in one of the hilltop villages that had a very cute shop full of quilts and linens.  They also sold some fabric which is where I bought this. You can see it in the back as the woman is getting ready to cut it.

 They had beautiful quilts for inexpensive prices.  The woman who owns this shop sews all winter and sells all summer.

When I was perusing that other day, I thought it could also look like Christmas, so I made it up really fast to put in our shop. But it could also go all year round.

 I love this fabric.  I  think I'll have to make one for me from this also.

Ank you ask - what is a hilltop village?

There are many of these in a part of Provence, dotted throughout the countryside.


  1. What a gorgeous place to have visited! And you're right, that fabric would work all year round, but is definitely festive right now :)

  2. It's beautiful -- both the village and your quilt! Great job, Elaine!


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