Monday, October 3, 2011

Ocean Shores Weekend and Quilt Show

My husband and I had a getaway to Ocean Shores this past weekend, so a few pics.
The beach had lots of driftwood on it, much more than usual.  We were wondering where it all came from.  It's amazing the strength of the waves and current that can bring all this in.

My husband is standing on one that was quite long and straight.

 I love the narrow path from our resort to the beach over the dunes.

 Look at the whole line of houses that line the dunes.  You can also see a kite on your left.

There was also a quilt show in Ocean Shores put on by the local quild there.  It was a very nice one.
My favorite quilt.  It was quite large and hand quilted.

I'm always attracted to pineapple quilts

and doll dress  quilts
My husband had some favorites also.  He likes bright colors and things that aren't quite symmetrical.

It's kind of nice to get an idea what your husband likes.

 We both liked this one. But I couldn't imagine me making it.


  1. Neat show. Thanks for sharing. I love when people do this, because there just aren't many quilt shows at all in our neck of the woods.

  2. Lovely quilts, and yes, it is good to get an idea of what your husband likes.


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