Friday, October 7, 2011

Borders of Heart's Desire

Here are the borders that I'm working on. 
I try to do some on each one every time I work on them.  They are all in different stages, and so it keeps it from being boring.  I even play a game with myself.  How much can I get done on each border in half an hour.  This includes the interruptions of the day that come along - cooking dinner, talking, answering the door, laundry, etc.  Some strips get more done than others.

Check out one of my other pics of this quilt (to put a pin in your memory).


  1. Oh, Elaine, those borders are coming along beautifully! It's going to be a spectacular quilt! Whoop whoop!!

  2. Beautiful! I admire those who hand applique! Whoop!


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