Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eloise's New Sweater

I knit Eloise this sweater.  See how sad she is?  The sweater is almost too small and that does not make her happy.  So I decided to knit her a larger one.  She liked the colors and the ruffly edge, but the sleeves felt a little tight and almost too short.

So I knitted her a larger one, just the same.
Now she's much happier.

 This is knit with a cotton blend and is very soft.  It's the yarn I use most of the time these days.  The pattern is another Sirdar pattern.

 You can see here how the sleeves fit much better.  This sweater will last her a while 


  1. So sweet! I love the stuff you knit. They're so special.

  2. Elaine, i think i have loved every sweater you come out with,but anything with ruffles wins my vote! Eloise does such a nice job showcasing them for you. : )

  3. Eloise seems very happy with her new cardigan!


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