Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby Hats

I'm really enjoying making baby hats with the boy and girl Drops pattern and their Fabel washable wool yarn.  I think the color mixes of their yarns are beautiful.

You've seen this one on Eloise before.

And I made one that was bought by a friend for Azalia which is a different color mix but as nice.

 She's only just over a month old and this newborn size has plenty of growing room.

 Isn't she sweet?

Luke was kind to pose for me in the  earflap hat.
This is the smallest size.  It still fits, but you can tell it won't last.  The hats have a lot of stretch

 And this is the 6-9 month size.  He's not 6 months yet, but it fits his little round head nicely.

 I really like the colors in this one.

Look at all these yarns I have yet to use - the wonderful colors.  I can't wait to get my needles on them.

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  1. Oh, how adorable. Those hats are terrific and the models are so cute. Great job. I love the ear flaps!!


  2. Beautiful yarns indeed.

    Older Grandson refuses to wear a hat of any kind which is going to be a problem with his fair skin, the hot Australian summer and his desire to be outside all the time!

  3. Oh wow. This makes me want to learn to knit. A small project using a little bit of gorgeous yarn with adorable models.


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