Friday, September 23, 2011

A Learning Process

There are many things to learn.  First is how to take a good picture that shows the quilting well.  Any tips.  As you can see from this one, it shows up some, but it could show up better.  I took several but this was the best.  It's probably all in the lighting.

This is Peter and Malina's wedding quilt  that finally came to it's place in line for quilting. I love working on quilts like this that are more extensive quilting than my customer quilts.  For those I stick to overall or light custom because I am a rather new quilter.  But on my quilts I go all out.  
I considered whether to stipple or pebble and chose stippling around my feathers, but next time I think it will be pebbling.  It's actually a littler easier because there is a better flow.  In stippling I found out my right hand doesn't take any of the weight of quilting causing my left arm to get worn out.  I will have to teach my right hand how to move the machine and quilt.

I am using my curved rulers for the first time and that is fun and easy to do.  I will have more and better pics coming up.

Eloise is also learning.


  1. Your quilting looks great! I find that it works best to not use your flash when taking photos.

  2. What a lucky couple to receive such a beautiful quilt. I like your little helper too!


  3. Your little helper is darling! About that picture taking, sometimes I turn the overhead lights off, and can see the quilting much better. Of course, lighting is important, so if you need light, shine it from the side, so the quilting will show up. I think it's something you have to play with.

  4. whoop, whoop to quilting with babies! Beautiful quilting!

  5. Teach them young! I can see your beautiful quilting.

  6. You are doing wonderfully Elaine! That baby is too sweet!!

  7. Beautiful quilting, Elaine! Whoop whoop!!


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