Monday, September 26, 2011

A New Season of Hats

Eloise is growing fast.  She outgrew all of her hats that she wore last winter, so I knitted her a new set of hats.

This first one I made to match a sweater that I had already knitted for her.  The hat buttons under the chin so that she can not pull it off.  It's done mostly in a seed stitch that adds a nice texture.

 You can see it on Ravelry here.

This next hat is a new pattern for me.  It calls for a fingering weight yarn which means it takes longer to knit because of the smaller stitches you are doing.  I used the exact yarn it calls for (a washable wool) in a variegated.  This yarn's pattern is different and nicer than most variegated and doesn't pool like others do. And look at all the different colors in the one yarn.

I liked the yarn so much I bought lots more and also have a boys pattern that I'll be using.
You can see this on Ravelry here

This hat is one I'd done for Eloise last year.  She outgrew the hat but still fit the sweater, so I just made a larger hat.  You can see she still has growing room in this hat for a while.

 The flower is a new larger flower with a button in the center of it.

She may get another hat later on, but she has a good start for cooler weather.


  1. I like the multi color hat and especially the sweetie pie who is wearing it.

  2. They are all very cute hats!

    We can't get Older Grandson to wear hats at all and with our long, hot summer nealy upon us, and him being a outdoors-type of boy, this is a problem!


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