Wednesday, September 14, 2011

There's A Birthday Coming

So I'm starting to prepare now.  I don't want last minute pressure to get Eloise's gift done.  Our first grandchild will have her first birthday the first part of next month.  The last two days I've spent some time sewing.  Can you guess her present?

 I've even shown her this part of it.  They don't really matter to her yet, but I hope she has many hours enjoying her dolls.
I'm using an old pattern which I really like.  I made many of these dolls when I was single, and I like doing it the old way.  The newer patterns have changed things to make it a bit simpler I think, but it also lessens the quality of the doll.

 See these legs?  They have a seam sewn across the leg to give them bendability.  The arms are the same way.  I love it.

You probably won't see the finished ones until her birthday.  We do have to keep it somewhat of a surprise.
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  1. oooh, i'm so nostalgic .. i just pulled up a bunch of pics to show a friend who raggedy ann and andy are.

  2. Raggedy Ann and Andy are timeless; I'm looking forward to seeing them completed!

    I hope she keeps those dolls forever!

  3. Wow, that is the best gift ever!!!! You are a wonderful grandmother. Looking forward to seeing the completed dolls. WOW.

  4. Oh I do love this post. Your doll looks lovely, and I am so taken that someone still makes cloth dolls for chidren- I am sure she will love and cherish it forever!

    Just a few weeks ago I drafted up the pattern of the cloth dolls I made my own DDs 20+ years ago with a view to share it via my blog. It's such a nice thing to make and give... Of course I am biased! I love hand made things.

  5. It is Lovely to see Raggedy Anne is been born yet again. I made one for my Granddaughter who is now 12 & she still packs it first when they have a posting move!!!!!! I had to give her a face-lift a few years ago though!!!! I’m looking forward to seeing her finished.

  6. How lovely - a gift made by grandma with lots of love!


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