Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eloise's New Book

I couldn't resist this fabric panel when I saw it.  I went for the first time to a local sewing machine store that also sells fabric.  I wouldn't have know that except someone told me they have a good selection of 30's reproductions and Civil War reproductions.  So I stopped by and saw this.

 I love old-fashioned drawings such as these.

 There are 10 pages of pictures, great for any young child.  These were fast and easy to put together - a very simple project.

And here's Eloise getting to enjoy it for the first time.  She's got her new cowgirl hat on also.  Hopefully, one day she'll really enjoy all the animals in it.

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  1. What a smart little girl- Already reading!

  2. I am sewing cloth books for the Grandboys Christmas presents! By then, OG will be 22 months and YG six months.

  3. I'm sure your granddaughter will get lots of use out her cloth book. And it will become a favourite for sure.


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