Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Borders - Heart's Desire

I've started the first border on this quilt.  First I traced the border onto my background fabric. Then I made a freezer paper template and cut all the borders out of my fabric.  I laid the cut fabric on top using a narrow strip ofc fusable to hold it in place. It was a little off from my tracing on the fabric so it seems my tracing may have been a waste of time.  I've used Stitch n Wash on the other appliques, but it's pricey and didn't want to use it on this.  And I'm not really a freezer paper user, on the underside anyways.
I cut my little stems and stitched them in place under the border and am stitching the border.  And then I'll do the leaves.  These borders may take a while so you might not here back from me concerning this one for a while.  That does happen you know.
The fabric is an Oriental one, but the colors seemed to go well with my quilt.  It will be interesting how this all turns out.

Eloise is at school  She really wants to share.  This is her second year at school, although she's not in Second grade yet.  She started at 3 weeks old.  Is she a prodigy?  No, her mom is a teacher and has the privilege of being able to bring her daughter with her.  The big thing she's learning right now is not to play with cords.  School is a challenge for her in that way.

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  1. What a cute little girl! I also love the border for the quilt...

  2. My, that border looks amazing!

    What a cute photo of ELoise.

  3. Oh boy just look at that beautiful red hair???????? She is a cutie. I'm still at my centre blocks of HD but loving every stitch time I work on them. Glenda


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