Monday, November 28, 2016

Tea and Scones

This is a quilt I'm making from a picture I pinned.  The pin does not go to an original source, so this is totally a copy that I'm doing.
This is the beginning of the applique center.  I pieced peachy and white blocks together to keep it a light background.

 My granddaughters saw it before any applique was done on it and wanted me to make it for them.  I told them it wasn't even pretty yet.  They get excited about any quilt or knitting that I do.

I am doing needleturn applique, but using freezer paper to iron down the edges.  It makes a smooth applique look.  This center flower will have petals on top, so I'm not appliqueing the valleys, only the hills.

I am really liking the look so far.  I still have to pick out another color, I'm not sure what.

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  1. I really like how you are appliquing on a pieced square. I think it is so successful because of your color choices-this is just a lovely piece of work.


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