Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hawaiian Wall Hanging

I don't remember what this is called or even if I copied a pattern I saw online, or if it's one that I have.  I was given a lot of paper hawaiian patterns by an older woman getting rid of hers, and I go through them regularly.  So until I find the original or the name of the leaves, I guess I'll leave it at Palm Leaves.

I cut the fabric wrong for the applique, so I ended up with 4 pieces that I had to meet in the center instead of 1 large piece.

 Hawaiian appliques are pretty fun to do.  They are easy to take on vacation or good for those sit around times when you need something in your lap.


  1. It looks beautiful! I can relate about cutting wrong and having to stitch those centers together and that is no small task

  2. Beautiful! I love the color you chose for this. I wouldn't have noticed the join if you hadn't pointed it out!


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