Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pom-Pom Hats

I knit some hats for my older granddaughters lately that have pom-poms.  I don't make good pom-poms myself and heard about these furry pom-poms, so I started searching.  I found small ones for the ends of the ties at Hobby Lobby but the large ones?  I had to go online for those.  
I am also using up yarn from my large stash.  For this hat I had to put two colors together to make sure I had enough.

This hat is a small in the adult sizes.  I had to make it a little smaller and she still has plenty of growing room.

With this hat, there is no growing room.  It is made from a chenille yarn that I had left from a rug that I had made.  I had enough of this to make 2 hats.




  1. lovely hats and the pom poms make the hat!! I loved pom poms when I was a child :)

  2. The hats are adorable (as the the ones wearing them!)


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