Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Juliet's Sweater

Juliet is the second daughter in her family.  Also the second grandchild that I have.  Because she is second she gets a lot of hand-me-downs.  And so I haven't knitted for her or Clara like I have for Eloise.  I know these girls will always be wearing my sweaters because Eloise keeps growing.
So I decided to make Julie her own special sweater. 

 I used a Knitpicks Cotlin that I had way too much of for another project. The pattern is a sweater that I saw on Pinterest and pinned it to keep it in mind of a good sweater to knit.

 Julie likes polka dots and I think she likes beads also. Beads are kind of like polka dots, aren't they?
This sweater also has some embroidery on it to add a special touch.  It isn't hard.


  1. that is stunning! so beautiful and so is your precious grandbaby. have a great week

  2. What a beautiful sweater! I love the color and the pearls. Gorgeous :-)


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