Monday, March 3, 2014

Whoooo's Sleeping Tonight?

Have you ever wondered why owls are so popular for babies these days?  Is it because they are awake at night and babies are also?  Hmmm....
Here's what I am doing with my pinwheels.  I'm making an owl quilt for a baby.

 The pinwheels surround the colorful owls.

 Now they really look like owls.

 I have fused everything and I am stitching down the pieces that I won't be stitching when I'm quilting.
That saves some color changing on the longarm and makes things a little easier.  Not everything needs to puff out.


  1. Your owls are so cute. Did you use a pattern or are they freehand? Every baby needs an owl quilt!!

  2. That is an adorable quilt! I love the bright colors. Lucky baby :-)

  3. TooWoo cute! Love the colors in your quilt.


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