Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lovely Lacey Sweater

This is a cardigan I knitted for a friend who just had a baby recently.  I knitted it once before and really liked it, so I did it again.  Clara just about fits it so she's posing for me.  After all, my friend's baby is just too small for it yet.
As you can see, Clara wasn't really into smiling for me today.

 I love the lace work and the ribbon that gathers it some.

 This is an old fashioned pattern called a matinee coat.  I knitted it with a washable wool.

 Here is my Ravelry link.


  1. That face!!! Just makes you want to pinch those cheeks! What a cutie, even without the smile. After all, she was "posing"!! BTW, love the sweater!

  2. What a precious little sweater and.....she sure doesn't look happy! Thanks for sharing.
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  3. Adorable baby, adorable sweater. I am sure the mom will love it.


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