Friday, February 28, 2014

Handprint Potholders

I made these potholders for my daughter-in-law for a birthday present.  It was a pin I saw and thought it would be cute.

 It turned out to be quite a challenge.  Clara, the 8 month old, did not want to cooperate.  So hers is rather messy.  Because we didn't press hard you can see the lines of her hands.

 Eloise was the first one I did.  I didn't know how to do it.  I put paint in the palm of her hand and painted her hand with my hand.  So we both had paint on our hands.  Guess what that means.  Paint everywhere.

 Then my daughter taught me how to do it right with a paper plate.  If I keep clean hands then everything else can stay clean.  We had to offer Juliet prize food to put her handprints on the cloth.  Food will get her attention every time.

 This is the backside.


  1. Love your potholders... what a GREAT idea.. what kind of paint did you use? Have they been washed and still show color that well??? Sorry so many questions but I love it!! Excellent job :) Kathi

  2. A great idea! What sort of paint did you use, was it fabric paint? Thanks for linking up.


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