Wednesday, March 12, 2014

LE - Part 4 - In Process

My husband and I went away last  weekend to relax and take naps?  Sometimes it is just good to go and get a lot of sleep, knowing there is nothing to do and you can sleep as often as you are tired.  We did other things though, such as reading, crossward puzzles, applique and knitting.  Sound exciting?  It's great with me.
 Here is the progress I made on my applique.

 I took a lot of fabrics with me as I wasn't quite sure what I was doing.  I knew my vase fabric and my berry fabric for starters.

 Then I picked my darker turquoise flower.  When that was done, I knew I wanted to do the lighter turquoise on those same stems.  I didn't want to much of the corals in the bouquet.
I'm also trying some poppy fabric that I have.

 The yellow's a little wild. isn't it?  It brightens things up.

 I haven't worked on it since we got home.  Hmmm......  Maybe I'll just have to sit on the porch on this warmer day and try some.  It does mean more fabric decisions though.  Can I handle that?


  1. Your applique looks beautiful, and I love your fabric choices.

  2. Your applique is so detailed and cheerful!

  3. That looks fabulous! I'm really in love with the colours and design you've done so far! I look forward to the day that my husband and I can take nap vacations and sew- sounds like the most perfect weekend actually!

  4. Oh those fabric decisions can be tough, I've really struggled on deciding betweening fabrics but yours look just lovely, what a fabulous block yours is turning out to be, its beautiful

  5. Love your colors and fabric choices. How nice to have a getaway time to do it.


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