Friday, March 7, 2014

Rose of Sharon

I completed this lovely little quilt and really, really like it.  I'm using it right now as a tabletopper although originally I  thought it would be a wall hanging.

 I love the way it looks on our table.  Not that those flowers really go with it.

 These little flowers are the only quilting decor in the topper.

 It is tiny needleturn applique.  It's good practice for the Love Entwined  quilt that I am just starting the 
flowers on.

 I think I'll do more of these small quilts.


  1. Wonderful Rose of Sharon. Congrats on a finish.

  2. My gosh that is tiny work - just love it.

  3. This is just beautiful. I love the Rose of Sharon pattern - I put it onto a ceramic bowl a few weeks ago. I love the colours you used here - wonderful combination. Giveaway at mine if you want?! xCathy


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