Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Orchard and Cornfield

I took a break last week from my farm, but yesterday I was right back at it.  I made the cornfield. That field has a tree in the middle of it.  I used to play house out there.  Wherever there was a missing stalk that became a room in the house.  You'd have hallways to each room and sometimes I room might be big enough to be a grand room.

In front of the barn was our orchard.  I don't think I ever picked fruit from it.  I hope my parents did, but I don't remember much about it except it was there.  I do remember the peonies by the side of the driveway.  They were not staked up, but just hung over like small, lovely white bushes.  It amazed me that there would be nothing there in the winter, and then you'd have these lovely flowers.

 On our present property, my son ladi a new floor in my pergola.  The last one was pavers with grass inbetween and the moles really liked it.  This is more solid and should be really nice.  This pic is the first round which wasn't level.  He did it over again with sand and mesh and that is much better.   I think the chicken is an inspector.

 My husband made this cover as protection from rain and sprinklers.  Now we never have to move the cushions again.

The weather has been nicer the past couple of days, so my girls enjoyed their lunch break in the pergola.

And the first buds of spring.



  1. Oh, buds of Spring. We will be getting at least some of that bad storm that is heading to the East Coast. How I wish it was going to be Spring instead.

  2. I love your farm quilt....and the John Deere in the field!! Your pergola area looks very inviting!

  3. Your farm quilt is so neat! I can't wait for warm weather here and your pergola looks beautiful. We've got moles too.....want some more? Thanks for sharing.
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  4. What a lovely area for sitting outside. I love watching the progress on your farm quilt too!


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