Monday, March 25, 2013

Red and White Squares

I had a productive couple of days.  Friday I got 2 squares sewn very easily.  I took and hour per square and no rip-outs.
I did the sizing on EQ and that made it easy to cut.  On all the squares for the half square triangles I add an eighth of an inch to the square and that makes it very nice to put together. It's better to go a little larger on triangles.
This first one is from a quilt called Country Charmer.
No tutorial so I figured it out as I went.

This one is Broken Dishes.  This did have a tutorial that I followed.

And Saturday I did this block.  There wasn't a tutorial for this one, so I winged it also. I got to half square happy and ended up ripping half of them out as I needed to use the triangles other places. So that slowed this one down and it's a tad small. But it'll work.

Another exciting thing we're doing some building around here.
I've been saving my money from my longarm quilting and it bought this.

And it's turning into this.
The floor 

 and a wall.

Now all the walls are up and Eloise is starting to enjoy the playhouse.

It's so exciting!!!


  1. Very cute blocks, love that deep red!

  2. Wow! Now Isabella's really gonna want to come over!

  3. Gorgeous blocks - love the fabrics. And what fun with the construction!!


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