Friday, March 1, 2013

Needle-turn Applique Tips

Yesterday I took a needle-turn applique class in my guild.  Of course, it was the day after I started a new applique project.  I sure learned some good tips that I can use on this project.
This is what I did at the class.  I still have to add the leaves.
We made the stem with a 1/4" bias tape maker and then I cut off one side of the fold. After I basted the stem in place, I appliqued the folded side down, and then needle-turned the other side so the stem is a beautiful 1/8" wide.

 This is my project at home that I'm doing.  When cutting the petals, I made sure the bias ran from point to the bottom.  It makes for a easy to do and nice tip.  I traced around the template and appliqued  the 2 pieces together.

 Then I appliqued the whole flower to my fabric.

Marj Horton was our instructor and she does marvelous work.


  1. Wow - that stem is tiny! Great job, Elaine. It's looking great!

  2. Thanks for sharing the tip about the orientation of the bias. I'll have to pay attention to that on the next pieces.

  3. your applique is looking great! how lovely to learn a new skill :)

  4. That is gorgeous. I need to take a class like that. What is the pattern you are doing?


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