Monday, March 11, 2013

A New Block - A New Quilt

  Yes, I'm starting a new quilt.  And Saturday I did the first block.  I've been collecting the fabric for a little while now, so I was ready to start.  It's from a picture I pinned on pinterest.  It will be pieced and applique.
Yes, I did make the center block too big, so I cut off the points, but this quilt is not for a show or anything that matters in that way, so I kept it instead of ripping out.  
I did take the flowery fabric out, and then put it back in.  I'm really glad I did.  It adds nice life to the block.
I want my blocks 12 1/2" unfinished and I found this one with a  tutorial, just the right size.  That made it easy.

Since I only have one picture of the block, I'll add some pictures of Eloise with friends.  It seems lately, we've had her friends over to our house quite a bit.  It is so fun to watch them interact together.


  1. What a beautiful block! Is each one going to be a different floral, a different color? Or all red, but different fabrics? I can see so many design possibilities! Adorable little girls.

  2. What a wonderful block! Almost as bright as Eloise and her friends. How adorable are those pictures!!

  3. ooo! Love the floral in there. Very pretty block. And what a fantastic picture of the two of them looking so intently into the snow globe. :)


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