Friday, March 8, 2013

A Sweater for Sarah

 Way back when (it's been over 2 years) I made this sweater for my daughter.  It was so grand.  It fit and looked good on her.  I was graduating from baby sweaters.  
Now I've decided to make sweaters for all my daughters.  I'm starting with the in-laws.  Sarah is showing you the sweater I just finished for her.  It fits also and looks great on her.  Oh, how that makes me happy.

 Making an adult sweater can make me sweat some while I'm knitting it.  Let's say you sweat without burning very many calories.  Just wondering how it's going to fit.  You can't give it a proper fitting until it's been blocked.

The lace work was great fun.  Isn't it pretty?

I sized this sweater from another sweater of Sarah's that had a fit that she liked.  I just made sure that this was the same size.  I think the blocking process also gives place for a little slack in the knitting, because you shape the sweater to the size you want it. 

And the texture of the main body was a nice addition to the sweater.

 The pattern is Bamboozle Tunic by Sandi Rosner.  It is a free pattern.
I knitted with Swish Worsted by KnitPicks. It is a merino wool that is machine washable.  It is very soft and lovely to work with.


  1. After all your daughters, can I be your adopted daughter?? :-) That's lovely. Amazing work.

  2. Great sweater, love the colour and the texture!

  3. I love the colour and the lace effect, Elaine. Beautiful!

  4. Beautiful knitting and finishing . Great colour ,lovely model

  5. Lovely! I think I'll put it in my Ravelry queue!


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