Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Farm - Garage, Garden and Fields

 I like how the garage turned out.  It holds the old car that I used to drive to school everyday.  It would flood on me all the time and I would get so frustrated.  It was a "54 Ford I believe.

 The cows are out chewing their cud.  The black and white look good, but the brown ones?  But they really are distant so maybe they don't have to be so noticeable.

 They hayfield.  The bales will have some threadwork and I know the tractor will be a challenge to make. I was driving that tractor when I was 10 years old and done at 12 because my younger brother took over.  But how I did like driving it.

 Now this garden is my problem area.  I think I'm coming from a bad perspective, so I'll probably do it again.  I'm not supposed to be really looking from overhead so much.  I'll have to keep looking at other pictures.  That corn is not right.

 This tree next to the house is a mulberry tree.  We had a swing hanging from it.  That's what that brown thing is sitting in midair.  I may couch yarn or some thick thread for the ropes.  In the summer we would get purple feet from the mulberries that dropped.


  1. I like the garage and the house too. It looks very realistic,. And the brown cows look great!

  2. I'm really enjoying watching this project come together.


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