Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My house on the farm

On the farm that I grew up on, the house has gone through several different renovations. I was going to talk about all of them here but then I saw I already had a post on that and so you can go and hear the story of my home here.
I decided to do the home in the earliest stage when my parents bought the house. I don't know why exactly except maybe it has more of a vintage? look. I don't really remember it then, but I do remember building the new room to the house. The new room was to hold our ping-pong table. That's in the second picture in the old post. 
 Here's the whole scene.  See the little John Deere in the field?  I was driving that when I was 10 years old.  I had to quit when my brother became old enough to drive it.

 I'm taking this quilt just a bit at a time.  And I'm not fusing anything onto the background until I'm really sure about it.  That's why all the pins in it. At least now I have it hanging on the wall so I can study it all day long. And Eloise can enjoy the barn.  She likes barns.


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