Friday, February 8, 2013

Ornament quilt

I got my little ornament quilt done.  Eloise came over and saw it laying on the table unfinished.  She asked what it was.  I told her it was a baby doll quilt and she went to put it on her baby doll, but I said it needed to stay where it was til it was finished.

After I did finish it, I was at her house and showed her this picture.  "My quilt!!"  It did give her some joy to see it with her dollies.

I let the zig-zagging around the edges be my quilting going through all layers.  
I'm not sure if I would do that again.


  1. It's so cute. And it really makes me smile to see her dolls hand made instead of mass-produced plastic. So-- what didn't you like about zigzagging/quilting simultaneously?

  2. Wow! When I first saw the picture on TGIFF, I thought it was a throw sized quilt. I can't believe it is so tiny! Wow! Great finish.

  3. Ooh that's cute! Reminds me of christmas ornaments


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