Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vaira's Quilts

It's so nice to be able to blog again.  Last Thursday morning we lost power.  We had 13" of snow, then rain came and froze on the snow breaking limbs off trees and power lines came down.  We have a generator built into our house, so we were pretty comfortable during the power outage, even though the world around us was not normal.  We got power Monday evening, but still no internet.   It's amazing how much I have enjoyed the world of blogging, pinterest, ravelry, etc.  They are another way of socializing.  So here I am back at it again.

During this past week, since I was able to quilt, I did 3 quilts for Vaira. This first is a baby quilt.  I did dog bones and paws on it.

This one used oriental fabrics.

I like the colors of this quilt.  I did feathers all over and feathers coming off of feathers.  It was really fun.

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  1. I live in Lynnwood and I also got lots of quilting done last week due to the snow. I'm glad the snow is gone. Your quilts look great.


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