Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heart's Desire - Finished

Here it is.  This took most of a year to get done, but it was very fun to do.  I do enjoy applique a lot.

My colors are very similar to Esther's.  I looked at hers next to mine and I did copy her a lot.  But I do like the pinks and greens together.  I also like how the leaves run outside of the box.  It doesn't seem boxish.
You can see my curved crosshatch, which was really interesting to do in a long border.  I had to adjust  how I did it as the movement of the curves rather surprised me.  I probably won't do curved crosshatching again on a long border.
I did my form of McTavish in the applique blocks.

 Some feathers other places.

 I like hanging quilts over my stair railing.

I found this pic of Eloise after I posted the last ones yesterday.  This is from the same evening and the best one.  We now have over a foot of snow.  That's unusual for us in the Pacific Northwest.  The children will have fun today.

This is linked to Esther's WOW


  1. Wow!!! that is one beautiful quilt....a year to are soooo dedicated...worth it though.
    Thanks for visiting my blog...appreciate it.

  2. Your quilt is breathtaking wonderful. Did you do this on a longarm machine? I have to decide if I can do it on my domestic machine or have a pro do it on a longarm. That baby is so precious. What fun.

  3. Yours turned out fabulous! Love the colors and the quilting. I've got the pattern, just waiting for inspiration to hit in and so far nothing has helped. Again, beautiful quilt.

  4. Simply gorgeous! This is an heirloom.

  5. Beautiful quilting. Looks like Eloise is enjoying that little snow person.

  6. Just beautiful-well done to you ! cheers Teri

  7. Breathtaking, such beautiful soft colours and the quilting does bring it to life doesn’t. It is a family heirloom for generations to come simply stunning. Cheers Glenda

  8. Congratulations on finishing! - Well done!


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