Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Applique Flowers

After making the pinwheels for my new baby quilt, it was time to do some applique flowers.  I don't have a die cutter, so I normally make a template and cut around it.  This time I came up with a better method.

I cut 4" squares with fusable web adhered to it.

 I folded it in half.

 I folded it in half again.  My finger is on the center of the fabric.  You don't want to cut that corner or you won't have a flower.

 I brought the two sides together, so it's folded in eighths.

 I placed my paper template of one petal on the fabric with the point at that center we don't want to cut.  I cut around the curve and down the sides a little.

 This is what I came out with.

 These foldings are for a 6 petal flower.  After folding in half, I took one side over, making a fold at the bottom center and bringing the top about two thirds of the way over.

 Then I did the same with the other side.

I placed my  template over it and cut.

And now I have a 6 petaled flower which I have fused onto my fabric.

 Then it's just zig-zagging it in place

and it's ready for the center.

This is linked to Freshly Pieced.


  1. thanks for the tutorial. I have already started a variation of your applique flower quilt, but hadn't started the flowers yet so this will help!


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