Monday, January 9, 2012

My Little Student

You've seen her before, my granddaughter Eloise.  She has enjoyed watching me quilt.  Whenever she is in our shop, she loves to sit on my lap.  I may quilt for a bit, or I may let her play with my ruler or purple pen.  Most of the time she lasts a minute and then is off to something else.
This day she quilted.  The machine was turned off.  She loved moving the handles.

Sometimes she'd have to stretch, because the machine got away from her.

 Look at the concentration!

 What!  You're taking pictures of me?  Oh well.

Back to work.
Can you tell what quilt she's working on?

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  1. Lovely! The photos themselves are works of art. The combination of Eloise's beautiful sweater, the quilt she's 'working on', and her beautiful red hair...all so pretty together.

  2. Came over from the linky, She is just gorgeous, What a sweetie- get them involved young, and you have them for life!

  3. Isn't it fun how they want to join in everything that we do? Older Grandson is fascinated by my sewing machine!

  4. Too cute! A quilter in the making.

  5. Never to young too learn to quilt

  6. How precious! Start early, that is the thing!
    Nice quilt too...:)

  7. Just had to see who the cutie was. What a precious post.

  8. These pictures were wonderful. A great way to start out a new quilter.


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