Monday, October 19, 2009


This was on first thing this morning. I was having tension problems Sat and had to do a lot of ripping out, so I put a scrap in to work on to get it right. The problem with this piece being on is that my husband had a friend in and they who do not know how to work the machine, were trying to sew and broke a needle. My son that used to share a bedroom with this machine did the same thing with his friend. Men and boys like big machines.So after all the ripping out the shadow trapunto is now on my machine. I had to debate with myself whether to do it on my longarm or my Bernina, but the longarm won out. I can appreciate Geta's work even more now. Next time, I'm going to stitch around the outside of the batting rather than inside on each petal. I don't know where my brain was at. I'm using green thread for the filler and it's turning out pretty good. The filler is the ripping out I had to do.

The girl's found a white dresser at an estate sale and so the whole front room got rearranged. So here are a few new shots.

This one has the dresser.

Look Lisa! The jewelry is almost under the window.

Oh- the top green drawer is missing an autumn tablerunner. Where is it? It sold this morning. I think I get excited about everything that sells - but especially my things.
Thanks for coming.

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