Friday, October 2, 2009


My longarm has a new home. We moved it last night. In the process we broke a wire for the horizontal encoder. My thanks to Ernie. our local longarm expert who came out and fixed it for me. So now I'm up and running again. You can see here the back is off the machine.
We did some rearranging as you could see in the back room. And this now is how our center table looks. We are getting lots of help from friends who now how to decorate. We also put leaves on the windows and that makes them look very nice, rather fallish.
I don't know how much actual making of quilts I'll be doing, because when I sell something, I feel like I have to replace it to keep the stock up and quilt for customers. That is very fun though.

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  1. Your shop looks charming! I hope you have fun working out there. Maybe you could start classes there also. I could see girls making little quilts and aprons. When I was in KC, I saw girls walking out of the fabric store with their new aprons and they walked down the street to the cooking store for their next class! I am sure you will come up with some fun things to do too.


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