Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Shopping Trip

My twin daughters and a couple of friends and I went to Portland yesterday to check out the Mill End and Fabric Depot. Quilters and seamstresses that live in Olympia are deprived when you see what's down there. We have a Joann's and 2 quilt shops. These stores in Portland were amazing - especially Fabric Depot. I didn't have a real plan when I went but I will get one for the future. These are minkys and slinkys (I don't know what else to call them) that I bought . There was more than I could imagine, and the checker said that on Monday they had much more. Can you imagine? My daughters bought lots of fabric for dresses. They said the Mill End was better suited for taffetas, satins, and suitings. Fabric Depot better suited for cottons. So many brand names there - Moda, Michael Miller, Amy Butler, Alexander Henry, and much, much more. We also met some friends that live in Portland, one of them showing us the stores and we had a wonderful time having lunch with them. It was a great trip and we are planning to go a little more often.

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