Friday, October 16, 2009

Tripping around the world

This is a customer's quilt I finished today. I couldn't get the colors to come out right. I think that room has bad lighting and I couldn't make it work. I was doing large feathers around the world and discovered as I went the first half of the quilt was larger than the second half. Actually the center isn't quite in the center, so the second half went much quicker than the first half. I love how it looked when I took it off the frame. This picture doesn't give it justice.
A closer look at the quilting, at least in the lighter blocks. It 's not very visible in the blue ones. I kept the dark blue empty as a border for each round.


  1. lovely and the quilting looks great!

  2. I like the colors. Sometimes when we are looking at them up close, they just dont seem to jive. But when you stand back - WOW!

    Nice work.


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